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New Outdoor Sanctuary.

Howdy everyone! It's been three years since my husband and I have the opportunity to fully get down and dirty in a garden space. We closed on this house on June 4, 2010. We had a long contract because we thought it would be best to allow the owners' daughter to finish out her high school year in her house. She was at the academic high school and her parents didn't think it would sell so quickly. It also saved us about a grand in the final price. The yard was a wreck thanks to the previous owners' dog. He wore two deep channels across the back getting to the fence on the other side of the house. They're mostly filled and have grass growing but it's been a pain. Oh, and the grass around the yard was in horrible shape!

We brought several plants that were in containers or were dug up just before the move. Most were transferred to the ground just after we finished getting out of the old place and now all are happily in the ground.

I'm on the fence about the fence.

Side Early May

This photo was taken the day we looked at the house in late March of last year. The whole yard, minus some ugly bushes in the front, was a blank canvas.

Where it all began in late June last year:

Late June 2010

And this afternoon...


We had a nice cold winter this year and the banana plants died back. They're really starting to gain some height now. We made good progress since the morning.

We moved the pagoda from next to the house to the back corner of the yard. Once the banana and the canna grow up it will be a sweet little paradise. My husband will eventually run a wire out for an LED light to go in the pagoda. He'll do the same with the one next to the pond.

Far Back Corner


This photo was taken in the morning.

Porch surround.



Patio pavers

Back Porch Right


After the rain chain and rain barrel were installed this week:

Rain Barrel in action

This area was all dirt last year due Max.

Path is growing in nicely

Side Edible Garden.

Side Early May

Side Early May

Close-up of one of the Praying Mantis egg sacks:

Mantis egg sack

We planted these seeds last Sunday:

Side Early May

They'll need to be separated this week!

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary today and we gave each other an 80 gallon composter and a wheel barrow.


He spent today building and compacting the soil to make a shelf for it to sit on, behind our fence.

I think that's it for now. We have a lot of work still ahead of us (especially the front)! I hope to have our patio finished in the next few weeks as I want to start on the beds next to the back of the house. I hope you've enjoyed the photos!

Many of the photos have notes attached to the on their Flickr pages so please feel free to click through!
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