KDS (decemberthirty) wrote in saucygardens,

Container garden

Hello! I posted photos of my back garden a week or two or ago, and now I've got the container garden on my deck ready to go as well.

Deck garden - 5/10/11

Containers - 5/10/11

Day lilies, blue flag, pinks, bergamot, thyme and rosemary...

Railing planters

The previous owners of our house left all these railing planters behind, so of course I adopted them and the plants that are in them.

Neighbor's tree

This is not actually part of my garden, but my next door neighbor's have this amazing tree that I can see from my deck, so I thought I'd share it. It looks like cotton candy!

Morning tea

I'm pleased, because my deck is now a very nice place for a pot of tea in the morning.

Our lady of the flowers

Even my cats like it. :)

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