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Hosta Garden Arrangement (zone 5)

Just some photos of my shade bed, which is a hosta garden that I put together this year and last. My main design was to alternate green and white. And please let me know if any of you update your LJs routinely with gardening as the subject. I'm looking for like-minded Ljists to read!

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Gorgeous!!! My hostas and coleus are completely eaten away - how are you dealing with the pests?
You may not like my non-organic answer but I use an ant and roach barrier spray around it every month. Comes from Home Depot, in the black spray bottle. I also spray it across the bottom of my door, etc. Says "for indoor and outdoor use" on the front.

Were yours eaten from the bottom (voles, virus) or the top (insects, etc)?


6 years ago


i regularly update my community journal, sunflowerriver with garden photos. this is the journal for the sustainable intentional community I live in. lately it's all photo-posts, as none of us have had a lot of time online. :)
Thank you for the link. I am adding.
That's lovely!
Thanks! And so is your lil' hooman!
Very nice use of materials.
Thank you very much.
Very nice! Hostas are so pretty.

I've been posting semi-regular garden updates in my journal, but gardening is always mixed in with a variety of other topics. I'll add you and you can see if you're interested--no harm done if you're not!
Excellent - gonna add ya back.
I know not a lot of peeps like hosta's but I love them. They add such a nice splash of color to the shade don't they?
Oh yeah and astilbe's are also another awesome shade plant. The pink ones look like cotton candy! :)
I agree. Many people overlook the color green in a garden. Not only are hostas colorful but they can be quiet about it, modest, even!
I love your arrangement and intentional color choices!
Thank you very much!