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Bench Makeover.

This used to be a dark blue bench with white lighthouses painted all over it. Not my thing. So I spent an afternoon painting it green. Then I just got a cheap rectangular planter and filled it with annuals, keeping in mind that I wanted it to drape over the front and remain green and white.

There are only a few plants in there and they expanded quickly. I think that white and green are overlooked as colors when it comes to gardening. This looks great against the white siding on my house - really jazzes it up. A really inexpensive project if you find something quirky at a garage sale and you know you're going to use that bucket of paint more than once.

Tip: if you're using bricks in your design, try painting the sides of several to make it look like they were pulled from an old building. It will add character to a place where eyes do not normally settle.
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